What is Blood and How Does It Work in Your Body?
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What is Blood and How Does It Work in Your Body?

What is Blood and How Does it Work in Your Body? How Your Bloodstream Works.

Your blood is a combination of things, about half of it is a pale yellow fluid called plasma and the other half is made up of red cells, white cells and platelets. The red cells carry oxygen and the white cells fight infection whilst the platelets are small blood cell fragments which form in the bone marrow (a sponge-like tissue in the bones) and they make blood clots.

About Your Body

  • Blood Flow. Your heart pumps blood out into your blood vessels and there are three different types of vessels for getting the blood around your body.
  • Arteries carry blood away from your heart  and they usually contain bright red bright red blood high in oxygen.
  • Veins carry blood which is low in oxygen back to the heart.


Your heart is a hollow muscle about the size of your clenched fist. The left side pumps blood with oxygen out into your blood vessels and the right side pumps the blood from your body back to your lungs to collect more oxygen.

An adult heart beats (or pulses) between 60-80 times a minute when they are resting and a child's heart beats 90-100 times. Take your pulse by putting two fingertips on your inner wrist.

Clots and Scabs

If you cut yourself the blood of the wound forms a clot which seals the leak, this dries and hardens, making a tough scab which protects the skin underneath whole it heals and you should never pick a scab.

Heat and Cold

Blood is your own personal heating and cooling system. It takes warmth from the busy organs and muscles to the cooler parts to even out your body temperature.


This is a rare bleeding disorder which means the blood does not clot properly and the sufferer may bleed for a longer time than others after an injury. It is usually inherited and passed from parents to male children through the genes. About 18,000 people in the United States have hemophilia and each year about 400 babies are born with it.


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